Membership Options Page

Membership Options Page

This web site has some public material (no login required) such as our Blog, but most material is held in courses which you must enrol into. There are three levels of membership.

Free Subscriber - You have a free account on the site giving basic access to resources and courses. You can request this account by contacting us.

Bronze Member - This is the most common level for new client learners. This level is free for the first 4 months (sufficient to complete your courses at this level). For continued access after 4 months you pay $5AUD per month.

Use the following PayPal button to become a Bronze Member

Silver Member - Regular ongoing clients should choose this level. You have access to Bronze Level courses plus extra material such as courses we create and tailor specifically for you. This level is $10AUD per month.

Use the following PayPal button to become a Silver Member

Gold Member - This level provides access to all our material (Bronze and Silver) plus individual face-to-face lessons and ongoing support. An example might be tutoring help with your essays and assignments. You can request this membership by contacting us.